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    Korea Original Women's Research Cooperative

    Who We Are Korea Original Women's Research Cooperative (KOWORC) is a cooperative composed primarily of women with scientific and technical backgrounds and advanced academic degrees founded in 2014. Using the model of a research cooperative, we are focused on projects that lead to the creation of jobs and the development of professional competencies for women by providing relevant education and information to our clients who are often governmental agencies in Korea. Our goal is to expand the opportunity for work for women who have lost their careers.

  • About Us


    Mission Our mission is to contribute to developing a favorable atmosphere in Korean society for women with advanced academic degrees and to help them continue developing their careers by reincorporating them into the job market.

    Currently women who have lost their careers due to marriage, childbirth and child-rearing are less likely to be reemployed. From society’s and industry’s perspective, it is a major loss that skilled women, especially those with advanced academic degrees, cannot easily be reincorporated into the workforce and develop their careers. We believe that given the opportunity those women have a big potential to positively impact society.

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    What We Do

    What We Do KOWORC's main business is research and analysis in the field of Science, Technology, Social Science and Policy. Our clients hire us to help them more effectively develop employment and training programs in their areas of responsibility. Once a project is taken on, the tasks required are efficiently allocated to the various members of the cooperative according to each’s area of expertise.

    We conduct research projects with governments and institutions using our unique process. We provide high quality consulting services including policy evaluation, strategy formulation, policy development and research. We work closely with our customers to create the best results to satisfy their needs. Our creative and integrated solutions reflect the diverse experience of our cooperative members.

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    Social Responsibility

    Social responsibility KOWORC collaborates with other institutions with similar objectives to create synergy, foster regional development, and support those with the highest needs.

For highly educated women,
KOWORC provides opportunities to participate in work society.
For governments, institutions and local governments,
KOWORC provides highly educated human resource pool.
If you are looking for a highly-qualified / experienced workforce to carry out policy / strategic research, please consult the KOWORC. We provide you with customized consulting services tailored to your needs through harmonious collaboration between science and engineering and social sciences.